Geoff Baggett – Author

Geoff 9EB44D80-0EF0-4912-A001-7E317CCA8C61 (1)Baggett is a retired pastor from western Kentucky. Though his formal education and degrees are in the fields of chemistry, biology, and Christian theology, his hobbies and obsessions are genealogy and Revolutionary War history. He is an active member of the Sons of the American Revolution and has discovered over twenty Patriot ancestors in his family tree from the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.

Geoff’s historical fiction novels are the products of his dual interest in genealogy and Revolutionary War history.  The Patriots that he writes about are ancestors from his own family tree or from his wife’s family tree. Therefore, each volume is a “labor of love.”  His desire is to complete two ten-volume collections (one for adults / one for children) focusing upon little-known Patriots and the ordinary folk who fought the American Revolution.

Geoff is an avid living historian, appearing regularly in period uniform in classrooms, reenactments, and other Revolutionary War commemorative events throughout the southeastern United States. He lives on a small piece of land in rural Trigg County, Kentucky, with his amazing wife, daughter, and five-year-old grandson.

Patriots of the American Revolution Series


Patriot Kids of the American Revolution Series

Little Series

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And a New Story For Young Children!

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