Patriot’s Day – Hopkinsville, Kentucky

This past Saturday author Geoff Baggett served at the Master of Ceremonies at the Sons of the American Revolution “Patriot’s Day” celebration in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  Over fifty men of the SAR joined together to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord … the “shot heard round the world,” … and to honor the seventy-one Patriots named on the commemorative monolith at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West.

Here’s a photo of Geoff beside the monument … he’s sporting his brand new Continental Army uniform in the French “lottery coat” style.  This uniform is in honor of his 5th Great-Grandfather, Richard Priddy, who was Quartermaster Sergeant for the 1st Virginia Regiment at Valley Forge.  He received one of these beautiful French-made coats in the Spring of 1778 while on duty at Valley Forge.

Geoff Continental.jpg