Little Hornet Goes to School!

LH AmazonSo I was set up this weekend at a local craft fair … the Cadiz Spring Fling.  I was offering my books for sale to interested locals.  It was almost time to wrap things up on Saturday and head for home when I had a pleasant visit from an interested boy named Ethan and his brother.

Ethan was checking out my books when he exclaimed, “I know this book!  I’m reading it right now!”

Extremely curious, I asked him … “Where did you get my book?”

He double-clutched for just a moment and then explained, “Well, our teacher is reading it to us out loud in class every day.”

“Really?” I asked.  “And do you like it?”

“Oh, yeah,” he responded.  “I like it a lot!”

Needless to say, my heart almost exploded.

Today, I followed up on my conversation with my young friend.  I contacted his reading teacher, Mrs. Crystal Hancock at Trigg County Intermediate School.  She assured me that the kids love the book.    Depending on how the oral group reading goes, she may recommend it for purchase as a “class set.”

Pretty awesome.

Also this weekend I got six copies to Christy Harrison (my sister-in-law) who is a fourth grade teacher in a suburb of Memphis.  She is going to make a pitch to her fellow teachers to include my novel for kids in their reading plan when they’r studying the Revolutionary War!

I must admit that I had not thought of making these kinds of contacts.  I’m going to try and look for more avenues into local schools!


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