Speaking in Local Schools

One of the most rewarding things that I do as a historical fiction author is speak about the Revolutionary War in elementary and middle school classrooms.  It gives me the opportunity to connect with kids on a personal level and then tell them about my books.  I present a program called “Revolutionary War in a Trunk,” and at the end dress a couple of students in period clothing.

Today I had the privilege to join four of my SAR Compatriots at our local Intermediate School (5th grade).  We spoke to about a hundred students and their teacher generously agreed to send home order forms for my student books.

I sold a couple of books, and definitely had some more interest from other students.  There’s nothing quite like making that personal connection.

Here is a snapshot of me with one of the students.



2 comments on “Speaking in Local Schools

  1. Keith H. Arnold says:

    Mr. Baggett I met you this weekend and purchased all three of your books. I was very impressed with your ability to be so very specific in daily life of the frontier colonials. The skill at which you were able to tie the true life events of the war and put them into your own family history with interesting storylines.

    The Andrew Jackson entry made for more fun, glad you were able to clean up some of his language. I look forward to reading books two and three. Might take me a couple weeks to get started on book two, sorry I am a baseball fan and it is playoff time.

    Keith H. Arnold

    Bonus: The lexicons of the day were great.


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