Bibb-Lewis Grave Markings

This past Saturday, I was greatly honored by the Col. Benjamin Logan Chapter SAR in Russellville.  They invited me to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for their Patriot Grave Marking Service honoring Major Richard Bibb and Captain John Lewis.  Both men were Virginians, served in the American Revolution, and lived out their final days in Kentucky.

Here is a photo of the site from photographer Jim Basham.


He deployed a drone throughout the event and took some spectacular photos and video of the commemoration.

The Col. Benjamin Logan Chapter performed an amazing feat in preparing this site for the grave marking.  Just one week prior, the entire cemetery and hilltop were consumed beneath grasses and weeds towering over eight feet in height.  The men gathered a crew and proceeded to cut and clear the site in a single day.  The result was quite impressive.

And the history!  Wow!  Capt. John Lewis (his grave is left of center in the photo.  His headstone is flanked by an American and a Virginia flag) was the step-nephew of His Excellency General George Washington!  His mother died when he was an infant, and a short time later, his father, Fielding Lewis, wed Elizabeth “Betty” Washington.  Indeed, George Washington “gave the bride away” at their 1750 wedding!  John Lewis and General Washington were close throughout their lifetimes.  Indeed, there was one incident when John Lewis contracted a severe fever.  He spent eight weeks at Mount Vernon during his recovery.

And now, this nephew of George Washington lies at rest in a cornfield in Logan County, Kentucky.

History is all around us, folks!  We just need to seek it out, honor it, and learn from it.

LB Color Guard

The Sar Color Guard from the Patriot Grave Marking.  Capt. John Lewis, nephew of George Washington, lies in the grave to the right.  His image is in front of his headstone.


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