Radio Time!

I enjoyed a fantastic day with my brothers in the Col. Stepnen Trigg Chapter Sons of the American Revolution today at the Trigg County Ham Festival.  We always host a booth and raffle a Henry Golden Boy .22 rifle for our annual chapter fundraiser.  Also, to add to our Revolutionary War theme, I host a sales table for my books.  It’s a great way to connect with local readers.

Around mid-afternoon, our regional radio station … WKDZ … approached for a live, on-air interview.  All of our guys pointed at me and declared, “He’s our spokesperson!”  It’s not an official office that I hold.  Everyone simply assumes that I am a “ham” and always ready to be on the radio.

So … I was interviewed for almost three minutes on a live remote broadcast.  One of my SAR friends snapped this picture during our interaction.


I fully anticipated the interview to be focused on the SAR.  But, the interviewer kept coming back to my books and my writing business.  I managed to make sure that the Col. Stephen Trigg SAR got equal playing time.  But, it was nice to be able to talk about my novels on a large, far-reaching, and major radio station!  Here’s hoping that it elicits a spike in my Amazon sales!

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