Brothers and Warriors


2016 Gold Winner for Best Historical Fiction!

5star-flat-webBW AmazonThe British have invaded Charlestown and the Revolutionary War has
descended with a vengeance upon the sleepy southern frontier. Oppression, privation, and fear overwhelm the villages and homesteads of North and
South Carolina. The
Patriot cause seems all but lost. James and John Hamilton are violently drawn into the war by forces seemingly beyond their control. Since their early childhood these brothers have survived rejection, hunger, death, tragedy and loss. But will they survive the bloody onslaught and depravity of the Redcoats and their Tory allies? Can they spill the blood of their enemies and still hold on to compassion and humanity? Will they ever again know the peace of their humble cabin in the Carolina forest? Brothers and Warriors is the tumultuous, triumphant story of brothers fighting and surviving for home, justice, love, and freedom … and for one another.

Excerpts From Recent Editorial Reviews!

Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite

Everything about this historical novel, Brothers and Warriors by Geoff Baggett, is thoroughly and pleasingly professional and polished – from the glorious cover to the writing and the precise editing, the impeccable plot-crafting, and the faultless authentic descriptions of locale, along with an abundance of pitch perfect dialogues between a large cast of deftly created and well-developed characters, and with each imagined moment of decisive story-telling leading to one immensely great read. The author never stumbles while bringing to life the Hamilton family of three colonial brothers – James, John, and William – as they are inextricably drawn into the American Revolutionary War. This first book in a projected series begins with three admirable young men learning to navigate the southern colonial world with only themselves to rely upon as they make their fatherless way by working hard and remaining honest – skills which bring both respect and notoriety as the winds of war storm close.

In Brothers and Warriors, Geoff Baggett has managed to weave his vast knowledge of pre-war and wartime colonial America into a story so convincing and alive that one remembers clearly why he came to reading in the first place – not just to be entertained and distracted, but also to inhabit the story as if it were fully real, and to know the central characters as if they were truly family. One cannot over-praise this author for his accomplishment or his writing. He makes these feats seem simple, for one is too caught up in the story to think much about the required skills for telling it so well. As a professional reviewer, I am loath to engage in superficial hype. This, my friends, is one GREAT read!

Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

I loved Brothers and Warriors: Book One of Patriots of American Revolution. Loved. It. How’s that for a review? Well, it’s truly how I felt about this excellent book of historical fiction. Author Geoff Baggett has done a fantastic job in creating characters that his readers will connect with, relate to, and truly care about, thinking of them long after the last page has been read. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is. The setting is so realistic that readers will truly be transported back to the Revolutionary War and feel a part of the battles. Any reader that enjoys historical fiction, or just a great work of fiction in general would love this book. I highly recommend it, and look forward to reading more from author Geoff Baggett as soon as I possibly can!

Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

I very much enjoyed Brothers and Warriors. Author Geoff Baggett has done a great job in his work of historical fiction and, at times, readers will feel as if they have simply slipped through the pages into the battles beside the Hamilton brothers. This story is full of action and adventure, but it is also an emotional read and filled with areas where readers will pause for thought. Readers who enjoy historical fiction should pick up the book as soon as they get a chance to do so. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the second book in what promises to be an excellent series. Author Geoff Baggett has a lot to live up to after this book, but with his obvious talent, I am certain that he will meet his readers’ expectations and more!

Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

The American Revolution is one of my favorite periods of history and I find it is not covered in historical fiction nearly enough. Geoff Baggett has delighted me by creating a thrilling and exciting novel set in the bloody fight for American independence. I found this story to be rich and entertaining as well as emotional. War is an ugly thing and this book does not shy away from it. James and John are compelling characters. I felt very invested in their journey and wanted nothing more than for them to come out on the other side of the story intact. To me the kind of investment that makes me feel for the characters, as if I am walking alongside them in their journey, is the hallmark of an excellent writer and story. I very much look forward to more of this series; the history is on point and the story flows beautifully. I highly recommend this read.