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Jaskson’s Nonnie

JacksonMy three-year old grandson, Jackson, adores the new Silas Moore book!  Every day, he wants to read the story about the “rat catcher!”  He can already finish the words on most of the pages.  And he is absolutely fascinated by the rats, with their “long tails,” in Silas’ cage.

Last week, my husband complained about a rat that has taken up residence in our chicken enclosure.  He commented that he was going to have to find a way to catch it … to which Jackson declared, “You need to build a good cage first, just like Silas Moore did!”

It’s amazing the lessons that children are able to absorb from a simple story.  I hope that there will be more books about Silas Moore!

Levi’s Mom

Levi 2My son, Levi (age 11), met you last weekend at the event at Logan’s Fort in Stanford which he attended with his grandparents. We are homeschoolers, and Levi has a love for both history and reading; so my parents bought him all of the children’s novels you currently have available along with My Colonial Journal for Boys.

I just wanted to let you know that since the event last Saturday, Levi has completely read all four of the books in your Patriot Kids of the American Revolution Series. He has also completely read through My Colonial Journal (I was going to wait until next school year to have him work through the journal, but he’s begging to start now…so I guess this will be a summer project!).  And he has started reading A Bucket Full of Courage. I expect him to finish it by the weekend.
Thank you SO much for these books! You have awakened fresh excitement and curiosity in my son along with a new interest in writing historical stories of his own.

Stephen’s Mom

Stephen Stephen was excited to meet Geoff Baggett this weekend at Fort Frederick. Mom gave him money to get the next book too! Not to mention Geoff even signed all of them for him! Thanks Geoff!

Photos from Home and Events … Shared by Moms and Dads


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