Little Hornet Resources

Several schools have incorporated Little Hornet into their reading/history curriculum. Teachers in both the 5th and 8th grades have found it useful in helping bring the history of the Revolutionary War to life for their students.

Here’s a testimonial from one of those teachers – Vona Gallimore, 5th Grade Reading Instructor at Southwest Calloway Elementary in Murray, Kentucky.


Now, thanks to Geoff’s most capable and “Colonial” wife, Kim Baggett, we are pleased to make teaching resources available for both traditional teachers and homeschool parents.   Our goal is to provide free resources such s these for all of Mr. Baggett’s children’s titles.

Simply click on this image to download the 20-page PDF for Little Hornet.  It contains eight discussion page “assignments” and project boards for additional learning.  Below that resource you will find a Vocabulary Supplement.  It, too, is a downloadable PDF resource.  Please download, print, and use these resources.  And contact us if you need to get a Class Set!  We can work out a deal that will cost your school much less than ordering books online or at a local bookstore.

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